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Laser Applications in Clinical Dentistry

March 30 @ 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Laser in dentistry

– Save your time make your dental practices more easier and safe.
– You will have the chance of spending whole day to learn everything about applications of soft tissue laser in dentistry
– You will know how to manage and market your dental laser practice in your clinic
-You will cover all about dealing with diode laser in dental practicesLearning Objectives 
• Why lasers? Why now?
• The advantages of lasers in dentistry
• Laser physics
• Differences between lasers 
• What can lasers do and why
• What can’t laser do and why
• Laser safety protocols
• Serialization and maintenance of the machines
• Clinical applications
• How will lasers help with my procedures
(Restorative, Periodontal, Cosmetic, Endodontic & more)
• Marketing for your laser. Return on Investment
• Avenues for advancing your laser learning experience

Topics covered:

1) Laser physics (laser fundamentals&basic laser science)
2) Laser tissue interaction (how laser work in soft tissues)
3) Laser safety (protocols to safe you and your patient and assistant during work by laser)
4) Soft tissue laser applications in dentistry(all protocols for each soft tissue application)
(Surgical applications and protocols)

1) Incision and excision protocols
2) Crown lengthening protocols
3) Troughing protocols
4) Gingivectomy protocol
5) Frenectomy
6) Gingivoplasty
7) lmplant recovery
8) Exposure of unerupted teeth
9) Operculectomy
10) Fibroma removal
11) Hemangioma
12) Hemostasis and coagulation
13) Vestibulopasty
14) Papillectomy
15) Biopsy
16) Depigmentation
(Non surgical applications and protocols)

1) Laser for sterilization and decontamination of root canals
2) Laser bacterial reduction
3) Curettage and decontamination for pockets
4) Laser assisted periodontal therapy
5) Peri-implantitis
6) Sulcular debridment and perio germ reduction
(Low level laser therapy)

1) Bio-stimulation
2) Accelerate wound healing
3) Relief dental pain
4) Accelerate osseointegration
5) TMJ disorders
6) Desensitizing teeth
7) Herpetic lesions

– Live Demo On Patient

Speaker : 

Dr.Ahmed Ramadan
– Fellowship of laser from genwa university Italy
– Fellowship of laser from must university
– Master laser from national laser institutes
– Implant diploma from seville university Spain
– Scientific manager denlase company middle east
For more info please call: 

01027137676 – 01027138080


March 30
10:00 am - 5:00 pm


MEDS Academy
0102 713 7676


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